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Generations of quality since 1877

Born and raised on wide open pastures, with no added hormones and the benefit of generations of experience and care, the difference can be tasted in every tender cut of Five Founders Real Australian Beef.

It’s an achievement our original Five Founders would be proud of.

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Our Story

Farming successfully and sustainably for over 140 years.

We continue to build on our proud 140 year history of being one of Australia’s leading beef producers.

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Our Difference

Caring for our animals and the environment

Whole of life, animal care and the environment are values we that we respect with the utmost importance in our business.

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Our Beef

Five Founders Natural Australian Beef.

Five Founders Natural Australian Beef combines generations of experience and care to provide the highest quality beef with a distinctive, delicious flavour.

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A taste that transports you to the remote and rugged beauty of Northern Australia.